Qualities of A Good Goldendoodle


Goldendoodle is a hybrid resulting from cross-breeding the Golden Retriever and Poodle breed. The two breeds are very popular due to their characters and thus cross breeding them gives a very fantastic family pet. Some of these characters include their gentleness, intelligence, and temperament. You should also understand that this pet is allergic free as a result of breeding the two breeds. Goldendoodle is also known by other names such as Groodles, Golden Poos, and Goldie Poos. At the end of this article you will understand more about the breed, how they should be handled and various reasons you should look for a Goldendoodle.

Goldendoodle may have the look of Poodle or that of Golden Retriever but in most cases they end up having both characters. Their color also varies, and various colors include black, gold, chocolate and cream. One might be asking, why should I go for Goldendoodle and not any other dog? Here are some of the reasons you should consider Goldendoodle as the best there is.

  • The size of the breed.

Not everyone who loves a large dog, therefore Goldendoodle comes with various sizes enabling dog lovers to choose from a variety of choices. For example to those who like small dogs, they can get a miniature Goldendoodle. A small Goldendoodle is as a result of cross breeding a miniature Poodle and a Retriever. It weighs between 15 to 20 pounds and small in size whereas a standard Goldendoodle weighs between 85 to 100 pounds.

  • The Goldendoodle displays attractive hybrid vigor and temperament.

Having being cross bred from two unrelated purebreds, Goldendoodle is healthier, intelligent friendly and easily trained compared to the parent dogs. You will also notice that they are so devoted to family and tends to be happy around human beings.

  • The Goldendoodle does not shed much.

The length of their fur is between 4 to 8 inches and because they don’t shed much, makes them ideal for families with mild allergies.

  • Goldendoodle is the best choice for those who are looking for a dog that can hunt. This is because the parents have been used for hunting for many years.

Having known that you can get a Goldendoodle of your choice regarding size and color, there are also various things you should understand such as the health of the dog and maintenance. As I earlier outlined that the dog being a cross breed it is healthier compared to the line of the parents. But it’s also important to be aware if there are any possible health issues that may occur in future. Just like their parents they are prone to various diseases and in these case as a dog owner you should put into consideration some of these diseases such as VonWillebrands disorders, Elbow, PRA and patella among others.


It is also crucial to get enough time to care and walk your dog around. Also, make sure you comb the fur on a regular basis and when planning to clip the Goldendoodle, makes sure it is done severally in a year. These will automatically give the best results.


15 Incredibly Cute Cat Names For Girl Cats

Your cat is special and magnificent. Consequently, it deserves a special and incredibly cute name especially if it is a girl cat. You may be looking for the best name for your new cat or just browsing through the internet out of curiosity, these are the best 15 girl cat names you can ever come across.


The name perfectly fits a lovable and well-behaved female cat. She is just an angel, so cute, fluffy and everybody adores her.


The name Amber is good for a very feminine and deeply adventurous cat with a deep amber color.It is among the most popular and trending names for girl cats.


Bella is always lively, feisty and curious. She loves playing with other cats and cuddle with you whenever she gets the chance. I love this cat. She is simply amazing.


Kitty is an endearing name for that baby girl cat you just brought home yesterday. From afar, she looks innocent, confused but stunning.


Lucy is a perfect match for a clean cat who can play outside but still stays spotless clean as she was. Lucy also loves a bath. She is simply a gorgeous but clean girl cat.


Kiki is a short for kitty kitty. This name is for fun, no-nonsense but extremely beautiful girl cat.


Is your cat one of the few who thinks that they are the center of the universe? Then give her this name to match with her personality.


A perfect name for quiet but incredibly beautiful and white cat. You won’t notice she exists until you see her walking around the room.


Shadow is a suitable name for that little girl cat that keeps on following you across the room in a silent manner. You can even recall stepping on her once or twice as you read this.


The name Chloe is always among the top cat names every year. Definitely, it sounds perfect. You might consider this name for that sweet and super active girl cat who will always adore you by cuddling around playfully.


Daisy is a perfect name for that good looking girl cat, a Donald Duck’s girlfriend type. She is always active around the house.


You remember Siba’s best friend in the animated Disney movies “The Lion King”? This name is perfect for the cat with the same character as Nana. A beautiful, fun yet cunning little girl kitten.


Be the first to compare your cat to a crystal and brilliant pure creation, beauty at its peak, a name only reserved for the gorgeous elite cats.


It is the cutest name. A perfect match for a down to earth, friendly yet beautiful girl cat. Lilly has little white feet and is extremely magnificent.


Ever wondered what is the perfect name for that lovely and energetic girl cat of yours with a bubbly personality? Well, Pepsi is a perfect fit for her.